About Us


ZSS Book Bank

We aim to be the bridge to connect book lovers with the disadvantaged section of our society. Donate old book and help a needy person get access to the books

At ZSS Book Bank, we try to spread the value of education in our own small way. Our team comes together to accept old books donated from across India. We then receive requests from students who can take the book from us and give an impetus to their education. We also buy old books if you want to sell them.

Donate books

Your old school and college books need not be discarded without dignity. Give it the respect it deserves and donate it to ZSS Book Bank. Continue in your own way to improve the education of the underprivileged and feel good about your involvement in helping the less privileged.

Request for books

Do you need a book for your studies but are finding it challenging to buy from a book store? Then do share with us your requirement. We will make available the books for you so that your studies don’t get hampered and you clear your academics successfully.

Sell books

If you have books that you want to sell off then do let us know. We will arrange to have the books collected and give you good prices for it. Don’t give it away to scrap when you can get great price on your used books.

Rely on us

We strive to make a difference to the lives of those who deserve more but aren’t provided with the opportunity. For such needy students, your donated old books could really be a great opportunity to excel at studies and make a name in the society. You can rely on us to let the donated book reach the right person.